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Top 5 Lube System Tips/Facts - DIESEL
Top 5 Cooling System Maintenance Tips
Fuel Filter Tech Tips – HEAVY-DUTY

1. Utilize good, clean, quality fuel.

2. Eliminate possible sources of contamination at bulk fuel-storage facilities.

3. Monitor fuel-storage for water, bacteria or fungus. Treat appropriately with preventive maintenance.

4. Drain vehicle fuel tanks on a regular interval. Remember, this should be done at least 24 hours after the vehicle has been idle.

5. Never use gasoline or alcohol alone as a diesel-fuel additive.

6. Do not blend used oil with diesel fuel. It can cause increased wear of injectors and plug filters, and form carbon deposits on piston tops.

7. To help minimize the condensation and water accumulation in vehicle fuel tanks, top off with fuel at the end of the day.

8. Luber-finer fuel filters are designed to last beyond the recommended change interval. If a fuel filter does not last as long as the change interval, it can generally be attributed to excessive contaminants and/or water. Always remember to drain fuel/water separators periodically.

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