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Cartridge Oil Filter Installation TipsCartridge Oil Filter Installation Tips

Extra care must be taken when replacing a cartridge oil filter. This short video will show you some simple steps to keeping your filter happy and healthy.

How to Change a Cartridge Oil Filter in a Chevy HHRHow to Change a Cartridge Oil Filter in a Chevy HHR

Cartridge filters are becoming increasingly popular in new vehicle applications. Although they are relatively easy to change and dispose of, extra care must be taken when installing a replacement filter. Failure to follow proper installation procedure may result in oil leakage and engine damage.

Cabin Air Filter InstallationCabin Air Filter Installation

Studies show that the air quality inside cars, on most roads, is even worse than the outside air. That's because the heating, air conditioning, and vent system have the effect of concentrating contaminants inside the passenger cabin when it draws in outside air and the windows are closed. Like other filters on your car, cabin air filters need to be changed at routine intervals.

Panel Air Filter InstallationPanel Air Filter Installation

The air filter is one of the most critical service components on a vehicle as it prevents harmful contaminants which can cause premature engine wear from entering the engine air intake. Refer to vehicle owner's manual for the recommended change interval for the filter.

Spin-On Oil Filter InstallationSpin-On Oil Filter Installation

The spin-on engine oil filter is a commonly serviced component on your vehicle. To ensure normal oil filter service life, and prevent oil leakage or possible internal engine damage, the following procedure should be followed when replacing spin-on engine oil filters.

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