Fuel/Water Separation Filters

The sensible and economic way of fighting water and other contaminants in fuel lines!

Modern engine fuel injection system pressure has increased to the point where even the smallest particles can cause erosion of the injectors. Luber-finer offers an entire product line of fuel filter/water separators and an aftermarket bolt-on fuel coalescer that works with an existing fuel filter.

Research and development of the new "TotalTec" fuel filters show that this line of fuel filters offer an effective, all-in-one filter alternative to the OEM Racor bowl type fuel/water separators.

TotalTec Heavy Duty Fuel FiltersIntroducing TotalTec™ Heavy Duty Fuel Filters!

The Smart Solution - One Filter Does It All

  • More Efficient Filtration - Durable, leak proof construction reduces risk of failure due to cracks and breakage.
  • Easier Installation - Reduces downtime and the mess associated with changing plastic bowl fuel filters.
  • Less Hassle To Stock - Eliminates the need to order and stock separate filters and plastic bowl add-on components.