Coolant Filters and System Solutions

Luber-finer offers a full line of standard service coolant filters and products to help avoid costly engine failure. Luber-finer coolant filters are constructed using only the highest quality components for increased filter integrity, extended filter life and reduced downtime costs, ultimately extending the life of the equipment.

This line of filters also features patented "CRT" (Controlled Release Technology™), coolant filters for extended service intervals, and the Lubercool II Supplemental Coolant Additive protects coolant systems from corrosion and build-up of harmful deposits. Luber-finer on-site coolant analysis tests nitrite levels, pH levels and freeze points.

Coolant Filters, Supplemental Additives and Test Products

  • Standard – SCA Coolant Filters 
  • Extended Service “XL” – SCA Coolant Filters 
  • Long Life – Non-SCA Coolant Filters